Talents strategy


Under the principle of resources economize construction of ZY Tungsten, environment friendly, sustainable development, Ganzhou Achteck is standing on the high point, facing high level and all over the world, looking for talented and virtuous people.

Seeking for high level technical and management talented people, to establish a core R & D and management team of our company.


With technical cooperation, lecture, part-time job, temporary service, introduce all kinds of high level talented people in the tungsten research & development and management in flexible way, to improve process craft, production technology, and management.


Joining all kinds of Bio-career, promote a program of “talents ordering” in many universities and colleges, meanwhile, We are offering a opportunity of practice for free for the graduates from Central South University and Jiangxi University of Science And Technology every year, which attracts many graduates working with us.


Under the principle of “Key employee will be focus trained, Outstanding employee will be prior trained, Shortage employee will be timely trained, Young employee will be versatility trained”, with help of existing talent people and experts in our company, we try our best to transform the human resources into talents resources.