Technological equipments


Tooling Workshop:   RTP Workshop:
All the high-precision production and inspection equipments were imported, and possess the ability to design and produce cemented carbide tooling in micro-meter precision.
  Equipped with imported fully automatic intellectualized formulation system for precise formulation of raw materials.
RTP Workshop:   Pressing Workshop:
Imported spray dryer for high-efficient drying and granulation, which provides stable and homogeneous powder for inserts pressing.   Imported fully automatic electric presses that for automatic inspection and adjustment for green with micro-sized precision and equipped with imported multi-station and multi-lateral pressing presses to produce products in complicated shapes.
Sintering Workshop:   Grinding Department:
Imported the most advanced PVA pressure sintering furnace, which guarantees the homogeneity and stability of products.   Imported four-axis and five-axis peripheral grinding machines and edge honing machines which guarantee stable and homogeneous micro-sized precision size for inserts, especially for the size of the cutting edge. Automatic cleaning equipment combined with water and solvent modules, and fully automatic blasting machine guarantee the cleanness of inserts before coating and can be used for coating post-treatment.
CVD Department:   PVD Department:
Automatic coating system imported from Ionbond Switzerland can prepare coatings based on different requests, and guarantee the homogeneity and high adhesion of coatings.   Automatic coating systemimported from Metaplas Germany, with arc, DC magnetron sputtering and high power pulsed magnetron sputtering technology, can preparecoatings with smooth surface and high adhesion.
Machinability Laboratory:      
Imported DMG CNC lathe and CNC milling machine from German, and equipped with advanced software to measure and analyze the cutting process, which providing verification for inserts design &production, and solutions for mechanical machining.    


Use fully automatic vacuum extruders to realize continuous homogeneous extrusion of solid, straight holes and helical holes rods.
Pressure sintering furnace can be used to realize the vacuum de-waxing, vacuum sintering, partial pressure sintering, and densification of cemented carbide rods.